We provide emergency reserve consulting staff with backgrounds in liaison, supporting, enabling, and stabilizing emerging cultures in permissive, semi-permissive & non-permissive fieldwork. Our consultants come from top tier military and first responder backgrounds with deep real-world experience reinforced with continuous training, education, and qualifications, who are motivated to see you succeed in your mission.


Just a few of our capabilities, contact us for greater detail:

– Targeted staffing specific to the unique needs of your organization along with due diligence report of each consultant supporting your emergency tasks from the PSI Group LLC. No bait and switch, if we can’t provide the consultant you need, we will help you find that consultant.

– Facilitate innovation-cells to develop new solutions to hard problems utilizing multi-domain parallel disciplines as benchmarks.

– Provide training in safety, and security, staff pre, and post-deployment actions, and cultural awareness specific to your response location.

– Conduct task analysis developed to select individual special-purpose clothing and equipment as well as fully mobile deployment centers in a container providing initial self-sufficiency on arrival and stand up in the effected emergency area.

– Pre-deployment environmental, cultural, and logistics site survey for first responders.

– Special purpose research as requested, focusing on emergency effected areas and the cultural sensitivities that add to the complexity of support.